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Autumn has arrived and what a relief after a very hot summer.  All of our Dexter calves have been born and they look a healthy bunch. As usual all three colors, both short and long legged were represented. I'm sure they appreciate the cooler days, there is lots of running around going on.

Soon it will be time to join so we are deciding which bulls to use and which cows to A. I.  all part of the fun of breeding. We always take the time to select the right bull for every cow keeping in mind what we are trying to achieve. Confirmation and temperament being at the forefront as well as a good mix of the three colors that are all part of the Dexter cattle breed.

IRONBARK-----the home of DEXTER CATTLE in Victoria.




Ironbark Dexter Stud was established in 1990, from a dream, a dream shared by so many of leaving the suburbs for a piece of land away from the crowds and traffic lights, with room to move and fresh air to breathe.

At the same time we didn't want to just sit and watch the grass grow so we started the search for something that would be practical, enjoyable and economically viable on small acerage. The possibilities narrowed quickly to Dexter cattle. They not only fitted the criteria but offered so much more, not the least of which was a quiet and inquisitive nature, along with their hardy Irish background and with the choice of three colors (black, red and dun) and two types (short and long legged) they provided the perfect package of lifestyle and small business.

We've never regretted the decision - except for once or twice while feeding out hay with the wind and rain coming in at 45 degrees!!!

Our stud grew quickly to a point where our Yarra valley property, where it all began, became too small. Such is the allure of these addictive cattle! With the move to a larger property in Glenburn (between Yarra Glen and Yea) our stud had room to grow.

From the very beginning our objectives have not changed. If the animals are to have a long and heathly life their conformation must be right. Quality and temperament have always been our highest priorty as the cattle often go to small acerage and can become an extended member of the family. Our cattle are in true paddock condition. Nothing, including feet, have ever been altered, so there are no surprises down the track.

"Breeding the Traditional Dexter" is not a slogan at Ironbark, but a breeding philosophy. We don't believe that a breed which is thousands of years old and was created by natural selection (mother nature) needs any intervention by man. Any attempt at change always leads to questionable outcomes.

Careful selection in our stud breeding over a twenty-four year period has rewarded us with consistency and quality of which we are proud - this gives us complete confidence in our cattle.


Dexter Cattle For Sale

We offer quality Dexter cattle for sale, and pride ourselves on breeding Dexter cattle that are of high quality with a quiet temperament. We also provide a support service to our customers.

If you are interested in buying Dexter cattle, or inspecting our stud and property, please feel welcome to contact us.